What can Rombi do for you?

What can Rombi do for you?

Effects begin on completion (clinching) of your first puzzle.

What you notice depends on what presents in your awareness.

We expect steps in better directions for you.

With Ad hoc use:

-          Effects include greater relaxation, reduced frustration, greater ability to focus, ability to put ideas into action, reduced avoidance of tasks (procrastination).

With continued use:

-          With a puzzle a day, you are building your perceptual capacity to organise your thoughts and ideas and to find equilibrium in a constantly changing world. Continued use should enable you to extend your ventures beyond what you previously believed yourself capable of.

-          Immediate effects are perceptual. However, continued use will stimulate development synaptic connections (neuroplasticity) in the brain to support this activity. This can, thereby, have effects on physical conditions that may have previously been exacerbated by stress, or for example, conditions affected by poor posture may recede where posture improves with better spatial and bodily awareness.

-          This is as relevant for those with stroke/brain injury, additional learning needs as it is for study, the workplace or in personal life.

-          Other things being equal, we expect incrementally more successful actions, which change our perception of what may be possible, which can change a great deal more in perpetuity.

-          If you have extended your horizon to new challenges, you can do more puzzles to set up your day for optimal organisational functioning.


-          greater clarity;

-          increased ability to see better starting points to approach presenting issues;

-          more nuanced thinking;

-          improved sequence and strategic thinking;

-          extending thought to new ideas;

-          reduce backlog of work.

-          greater clarity in decision making

-          being able to put ideas into action;

-          let us know how it goes!


-          relaxation,

-          Reducing overload

-          greater clarity,

-          reduced error,

-          improved focus/concentration,

-          find better starting points for responding to or initiating action;

-          ability to put ideas into practice;

-          do other things that you want to do;

-          let us know how it goes!


-          Use for yourself relaxation, increase in clarity, focus, and easing of workload, bring creative ease to behavioural challenges and work with pupils to ease learning blocks, open new pathways for learning;

-          Use with your student to introduce structure and clarity in problem areas; be better placed to assist your students to get beyond obstacles with simple, discreet interventions;

-          Affirm them to use Rombi to develop their perceptual faculties and improve ability to process and organise ideas – next steps will come into focus.

-          Let us know how it goes!

Working with Additional Learning Needs (SEN/ASL)

-          Our understanding of the principles operating with Rombi to produce perceptual shifts to be vital to improvements in the ability to crystallise new learning at whatever level this is defined. If someone is able to physically/mentally work with the puzzle, there should be improvements ensuing correlative to the practice of structured handplay.

-          If you would like to know more, contact us at: Admin@rombipuzzle.com for details of online seminars with Q & A or to discuss specialist training sessions for Your Team.


-          Use for yourself to relax, find greater clarity, start from a better starting point for any issues, follow through on ideas for your own development;

-          Offer to your children (do not force)

  • Issues with homework or exam stress should begin to ease up.
  • Personal issues, you can come to appreciate the process of assisting them in finding new ways to approach stimulating life questions.

-          Let us know how it goes!


-          reduce exam stress,

-          better clarity, focussed attention, depth of concentration

-          clearer thinking,

-          organise ideas and study tasks;

-          better quality time,

-          reduce procrastination;

-          Let us know how it goes!


- reduce stress straight away;

- improve clarity;

- organisation of ideas;

- work more effectively;

- reduce ‘overthinking’;

- let us know how it goes!

Additional Learning Needs (SEN/ASL)


- reduce stress immediately, makes study easier, steady work

(#rombichallenge30) could reduce spelling issues, clarity, focus, improves ability to learn new material. Less information overload. Organise ideas, organise your work, better planning


- reduce stress immediately, makes study easier, steady work

(#rombichallenge30) could reduce spelling issues, clarity, focus, improves ability to learn new material. Less information overload. Organise ideas, organise your work, better planning, improve physical coordination.


Reduce stress immediately, makes study/work easier, steady work

(#rombichallenge30) begins to put you in charge of your life, clarity, focus, less information overload, organise ideas, organise your work, better planning,


Reduce anxiety, curtail turmoil, improve mood, reduce impact of shocks, recover more quickly, Consistent work with Rombi should enable you to begin to clarify and to decide on your direction step by step, including what suits you towards a better life,


Reduces intensity of low mood, consistent work with Rombi will enable you to orientate and sustain your focus towards points of interest, lifting mood with better equilibrium and quality of life. With continued experience, you will increasingly work through questions, clarifying and deciding step by step towards what suits you in life.


Since Rombi works with our relation to space/time, working with Rombi consistently should improve our ability to navigate both physical and virtual spaces. We would love to hear from you regarding your experience of working with Rombi. Since we don’t have direct experience of this yet, this will enrich our research tremendously!

Don't Burnout!

Do Rombi!

Working with Rombi brings spatial orientation and better equilibrium and build with it and on it to navigate your way towards what you want.

Failing drive test?

Driving requires the coordination of many elements at once. If this coordination is the issue, Rombi should help. We recommend that you take the Rombi 30 day challenge and try again.

Let us know how it goes!