About Rombi

Rombi, A revolution in Education, Training and Personal Development.

Rombi comes out of research and discovery at the cutting edge of specialist education, psychoanalysis and product design as a teaching/learning aid. It is now exceeding all expectations and lending its potential to much wider audiences.

The Rombi Project sees the intelligence of each human being finding constructive expression in their study room, their place of work, their physical world and their interactions with others. The Rombi puzzle is an accessible, reliable aid to enable us to realise this vision.

The construction of Rombi prioritises spatial awareness as a basic component of perception. This is as vital for effective learning and problem solving as it is for physical dexterity. Perceptual (spatial) organisation determines how the mind coordinates cognitive functions, memory, attention, organisation of ideas, fine motor skills (hand-eye operations) and gross motor skills (walking or playing ball). Cultivating this mental and physical dexterity is vital for propagating the fertile ground through which our desires and aims flourish.

From Higher Education, working with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum, ADHD and Mental Health, to SEN in schools, business teams and executives managing challenging workloads, or professionals working therapeutically with anxiety/depression, our experience is teaching us to create exceptional tools such as Rombi.

How does Rombi help?

Broadly speaking, working with Rombi optimises perceptual functioning with the completion of your first puzzle, and continues to refine and strengthen the impressions of an organisational framework with continued use. This improves physical and mental coordination in an ‘automatic’ way. ‘Other Things Being Equal’, every mental and physical operation will be more effective with less effort.

We invite you to have higher expectations of your abilities and your quality of life. We work to enable to you move towards that potential steadily and consistently. Our aim is that with each step of effort that you take to learn or develop yourself, you do so with greater ease.

So often when we want to change or to transform something in our lives, our resolve becomes exhausted by doubts. We don’t know where to begin to formulate or put our desired actions into practice. With Rombi on your desk, you have at your fingertips a very simple and accessible starting point and companion. Each puzzle you complete brings immediate effects greater of clarity, organisation of thoughts, increased ability to conclude complex tasks, or to grasp something that may have seemed difficult. You will feel less overwhelmed and better able to make progress in whatever task is before you.

This does not replace any education, training or any other personal development ventures that may be of interest. Our aim is that your experience with Rombi will continue to extend the range of possibilities accessible to you. We also expect that it will enable you to improve the quality of your experience; whether you love an experience and continue on you decide that a particular subject is not for you and you look for something else.

While some conditions may take a little longer to show improvement to an unpractised observer, it is our expectation that some signs of progress will show up very quickly; be it to the user themselves or to those working with them.

With Rombi, you can expect to see signs of being able to do things that you/those you work with were not able to do before. This could be an improvement in spelling, discerning left from right, better relation to time – able to act or be less stressed in the face of deadlines, complete homework or take an exam with less stress, improve grades or performance, relax after work, move with greater coordination; make better business decisions, begin handling finances better. We look forward to your ongoing feedback to publish the extending list that we expect to follow.

In essence, with continued use, valuable progress is inevitable where perceptual organisation is a factor in the existence or exacerbation of symptoms. Our understanding thus far is that, given the principle of neuroplasticity of the brain, consistent cultivation of more organised mental functioning will stimulate synaptic connections to support and extend these activities. The cumulative effects of subtle perceptual improvements are consequential and we will be collating your feedback as part of our ongoing research.

Rombi is designed to enable you to live and work with greater clarity, ease and success. At first you may reach for it whenever you need it. We hope that you will make it part of your daily routine, at least until you reach the clarity and confidence to explore the next level of your possibilities.

Penny Georgiou
Director of the Rombi Project
London, June 2018.

Family playing with Rombi
Rombi Puzzle Play

Play – for children from 7 years to over 70. Creative play is one of the joys of life as well as being indispensable for the expression of intelligence. Take time out with your children, or steal a few minutes to enjoy yourself with Rombi.

Rombi Puzzle Relax

Relax – in today’s busy world, children and adults are in a constant state of rush, under pressure to perform. Relaxation is vital for our well-being and peace of mind, and yet switching off is not easy. Take a break - at work Office, at home, take a quiet moment and think of nothing else than where to place the Rombi block in your hand.

Adult relaxing using Rombi
Rombi being using in school to focus
Rombi Puzzle Focus

Focus – being able to focus is vital, and when it evades us, we overwork, and we cant accomplish what we are aiming for. Get your hands on Rombi, feel your vision come together, and see yourself in action. You won’t believe what you are capable of until you have tried your hand at Rombi!

Rombi Puzzle Learn

Learn – understanding new subjects or fields requires taking in and processing information from multiple perspectives. Preparing the mental framework with Rombi eases the way, with astonishing results. You will have a new respect for your capabilities after your first puzzle, and you won’t want to be without Rombi on your desk again!

Rombi on the work desk