​What can ROMBi do for you?

What  ROMBi can do for you!

If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right! (Anonymous)

When there is something holding back our ability to function in the way that we would like to, this affects our expectations. It affects how we view our prospects not just for this moment but for our entire future. As we calculate today's difficulties and map them onto our expectations for our future, our mood can swing dramatically up or down, depending on whether we think we can ever or whether we think we cant ever!

When you want to be able to do it, do it better or do it with ease, you can ROMBi first!

  • Perceptual Integration and uplift begins on completion of your first puzzle. Even part play, including handling of the blocks (not rubbing but feeling, touch) will have subtle positive structuring effects on perception.Structuring effects lead to steady enhancements in capability. 
  • Our beliefs affect how we perceive, so what you notice depends on how open you are to noticing and acknowledging welcome changes. 
  • We sometimes try to protect ourselves by expecting the worst; downplaying our capabilities so that we won't be disappointed. Perceptually, tis a disadvantage. 
  • We expect this to extend in valuable ways with continued ROMBi play.

Anxious about puzzles? Think you can't do it? Think again!

Where a user is anxious about doing a puzzle, this likely to be a strong indication of potential for significant gain from ROMBi play. eg, in cases of Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, or similar conditions affecting time and spatial awareness. A user may need a little support to get started, a few sittings with a patient friend or family member, sometimes 1 or 2 is enough to get them started before going it alone. 

How does it work?

Remember, your mind is your servant and not the other way around. ROMBi play builds increases capability through structured handplay, coordinating the actions of mind and body. . This gives your mind direct access to structural information, which it uses to organise its activities in the most effective way for what you want to do. 

This mind begins . It does so by organising perception in a way that makes the most of current potential. This lays the foundations for greater future potential

What do 'current potential' and 'future potential' mean? 

Current potential means that with the knowledge, skills and experience that I have today, I can accomplish what I want to. If my mind is well-focused and I am able to organise my thoughts well, I respond to an exam or an interview in a way that I am happy with. If I am not able to focus or organise my thoughts, I am not able to fulfil my current potential. As I succeed today, I can move on to further learning, development, opening pathways to realisable future potential as well. 

For more information, see our blog article 'Working with ROMBi.'

-Users with more profound issues with executive function (eg Autism, Stroke, Brain injury) will benefit from using the basic builder patterns to begin with, or even some free play initially.

Let us know how it goes!

With Ad hoc use:

-Effects include greater relaxation, reduced frustration, greater ability to focus, ability to put ideas into action, reduced avoidance of tasks (procrastination).

-These normally occur during and immediately after completion of the first puzzle; you may notice effects of increased clarity etc begin to wear off 2 to 3 days later. If you do, you can simply pick it up again at any time; you can keep it within reach, whether on your desk or somewhere else in sight so that you remember that you can. 

With continued use:

-Extending Abilities: A puzzle a day does wonders for building your perceptual capacity, organising thoughts. ideas, finding equilibrium and inspiration in a constantly changing world. Continued play steadily brings you to venture beyond what you previously believed possible!

-Multiple Uses: Steady ROMBi play is relevant for those with stroke/brain injury, additional learning needs (SEND) as it is for HE study, the workplace or in personal life.

-Perception: The more immediate effects are perceptual, such as greater clarity, organisation, improved memory, attention. This is subtle but powerful. Our perception determines our experience. Shifts in perception have powerful effects of what we are able to accomplish. 

-Synaptic Connections: Sustained structured stimulation of perception (as with any regular practice) prompts new synaptic connections to develop to support that function. This is an effect of what medical science refers to as neuroplasticity of the brain. This arises from our natural capacity for adaptation as a living being. We develop according to how we use our abilities. The more we use a function, the more developed it becomes. 

-Easing Stress and Physical Conditions: Users are telling us that regular ROMBi play is having positive effects on physical conditions too, eg conditions affected by stress or poor posture, the latter receding where posture improves with better spatial and bodily awareness.

-Successful actions: Other things being equal, we expect ROMBi play to incrementally bring more successful actions, changing our expectations of what is possible in an ongoing way.

-More puzzles for the adventurous: Extending your horizons to new challenges may prompt you to increase the number of puzzles that you do each day to deepen and extend your capabilities further. One user tells us that he now does 3 puzzles in about 10 minutes with his morning coffee. 

Teachers! ROMBi play offers you:

  • Self-care and relaxation,
  • avoid burnout - turn it around
  • increased clarity, focus,
  • easing of workload,
  • extend INCLUSION, inside the classroom and beyond;
  • creative ease in responding to behavioural challenges
  • Perfect tool for working with pupils with SEN, easing learning blocks, opening new pathways for learning, extending capability;

Let us know how it goes!

Executives! ROMBi play offers you:

  • reduce executive stress
  • experience greater clarity;
  • increased ability to see better starting points to approach presenting issues;
  • more nuanced thinking;
  • improved sequence and strategic thinking;
  • extending thought to new ideas;
  • reduce backlog of work.
  • greater clarity in decision making
  • being able to put ideas into action;

Let us know how it goes!

Professionals! ROMBi play offers you:

  • relaxation,
  • reducing overload
  • greater clarity,
  • reduced error,
  • improved focus/concentration,
  • find better starting points for responding to or initiating action;
  • ability to put ideas into practice;
  • do other things that you want to do;
  • let us know how it goes!

Let us know how it goes!

Tutors in Adult Learning! ROMBi play offers you:

  • Use with your students to introduce structure and clarity in problem areas; be better placed to assist your students to get beyond obstacles with simple, discreet interventions;
  • Affirm students to use Rombi for developing their perceptual faculties and improving ability to process and organise ideas – next steps will come into focus.

Let us know how it goes!

Students! ROMBi play offers you:

  • reduce exam stress,
  • better clarity, focussed attention, depth of concentration
  • clearer thinking,
  • organise ideas and study tasks;
  • better quality time,
  • reduce procrastination;

Let us know how it goes!

Parents! ROMBi play offers you:

  • Use for your own relaxation, investing in your own development;
  • Find greater clarity, with better starting points for any issues, putting ideas into practice,;
  • Offer to your children, or let them see you playing. They are likely to be interested (from around 7 years +).
  • Issues with homework or exam stress – we expect these to ease.

Let us know how it goes!

Exam Stress! ROMBi play offers you:

  • reduce stress straight away;
  • improve clarity;
  • organisation of ideas;
  • work more effectively;
  • reduce ‘overthinking’;
  • we expect better grades, deeper understanding, and less overwork;
  • Try the rombichallenge30

Let us know how it goes!

Additional Learning Needs (SEND ASL) - ROMBi play offers you:

  • Unparalleled scope for real and lasting improvement, with the scope to keep building and finding new and better ways of improving perceptual organisation. 
  • Extend INCLUSION, inside the classroom and beyond;
  • Rombi produces perceptual shifts that are vital to improvements in the ability to crystallise new learning at any level. Provided a learner is able to engage physically/mentally work with the puzzle at the most basic level, commencing with a 2 block task, we expect that they will experience sustained improvements with continued practice of structured hand-play.
  • If you would like to know more, contact us at: Email US for details of online seminars with Q & A or to discuss specialist training sessions for Your Team.

Let us know how it goes!

Dyslexia - ROMBi play offers you:

  • Easier, more effective study
  • Reducing spelling issues,
  • Ease left/right confusions
  • Clarity, focus,
  • improve ability to learn new material,
  • less information overload.
  • Organise ideas, organise your work, better planning
  • usually reduces stress quickly
  • If you are worried about puzzles, you may benefit from working with a tutor with ROMBi initially. It is likely to be very beneficial for you, enabling you to get beyond many points of struggle.
  • Try the rombichallenge30

Let us know how it goes!

Dyspraxia - ROMBi play offers you:

  • Work with a tutor initially and then go it alone when you are ready:
  • improve physical and mental coordination; Improve Gross Motor, Fine Motor Skills, Hand-eye Coordination. 
  • reduce sensory overload;
  • reduces stress, 
  • improve focus,
  • greater ease of study; 
  • reduce spelling issues, 
  • improve structure, organisation, time awareness, management, 
  • reduce information overload. increase ability to learn new material;
  • Organise ideas, organise your work, better planning, 

Let us know how it goes!

Autism - ROMBi play offers you:

  • work with a tutor, mentor or friend initially and then go it alone as and when you are ready:
  • making perceptions more manageable;
  • improve physical and mental coordination; Improve Gross Motor, Fine Motor Skills, Hand-eye Coordination.
  • reduce sensory overload;
  • reduces anxiety; 
  • you will be able to cope more often with more situations;
  • with regular use, you will build a perceptual frame that enables you to better manage the world and its constant flow of change;
  • greater ease of study;
  • improve structure, organisation, time awareness, management,
  • reduce information overload;
  • ask us about an aspect of your experience that you would like to change and we will tell you if ROMBi play can help with this;
  • tell us how you get on. 

ADHD - ROMBi play offers you:

  • Reduces stress, 
  • Brings Structure, a sense of grounding, equilibrium;
  • Brings perceptions into greater harmony and cooperation, integration, clarity
  • makes study/work easier, steady work
  • Begins to put you in charge of your life, clarity, focus, less information overload, organise ideas, organise your work, better planning,

Let us know how it goes!

Depression: ROMBi play offers you:

Depression (read despair) is probably the most challenging condition of all. This is because of powerful beliefs in opposition to what we want. As an impulse towards what we want raises energy, inhibiting ideas raise equal and opposite energy (Newton) with an effect of deadlock. The more effort we make, the harder we work, the heavier and more difficult it feels. 

Well, that is correct: More effort - working harder- is NOT the way to go. In matters of the mind and perception, it is not in applying greater force that we go forward, but with easing up, with relaxing into our task new pathways open up. 

In matters of the mind, success is closer to learning how to drive a high performing car rather than pulling a laden cart. Relaxed focus, awareness and lightness of touch are primary.

Since, in depression, what we want is constrained by beliefs that it is impossible, early improvements may be discounted. It can take a little while - a few days of consistent play - for constraining beliefs to begin to dissipate so that we can discern the opening of new horizons. 

Each puzzle play gives the mind unfettered access to basic information about the physical world and how ideas can be organised more effectively. With ROMBi play, the functions of mind and body become better synchronised, with each puzzle being a vitalising step for shaping your life in more enjoyable ways.  

Our understanding of how ROMBi puzzle works is that doing a puzzle will support any other efforts that you make towards your life and well-being. With practice, you will become more adept and faster at completing puzzles. If you need some help initially, this is a worthwhile investment. You could ask your mentor or therapist to get you started. They can contact us for more information. 

Doing the puzzles offers mood uplift. This may take longer to feel if depression is acute, but you will be moving. The puzzles allow your focus to lift away from what weighs you down, and begin to glimpse and then to extend to something else, a next step, and then another, and then another, and then another is how we build and acclimatise to enduring new perspectives. Whatever other form of therapy or treatment you participate in, ROMBi play allows the rewards to come more quickly than they otherwise would. If you would like a Q & A as to why this is so: Email\ US:  

Anxiety - ROMBi play offers you:

  • Since Rombi works with our relation to space/time, working with Rombi consistently improves our ability to navigate both physical and virtual spaces.
  • If you prefer, you may wish to begin with free-play – without a pattern initially, become familiar with the blocks and the various faces, and then move on to take on the patterns later.
  • We would love to hear from you regarding your experience of working with Rombi. Since we don’t have direct experience of this yet, this will enrich our research tremendously!

Let us know how it goes!

Burnout! ROMBi play offers you:

  • Don't Burnout! Do Rombi!
  • Working with Rombi optimises perceptual organisation: each mental and physical operation takes place with greater harmony/efficiency; less strain, greater rewards, mood and energy uplift.
  • ROMBi play brings spatial orientation and clarity to navigate your way towards what you want, rather than forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to.
  • A perfect starting point for burnout prevention;
  • A perfect starting point for you to get your head straight, take a problem and turn it around

Let us know how it goes!

Failing drive test? 

Driving a car requires the coordination of many elements at once. If this is an issue, Rombi will help bring you 

ROMBi play offers you:

  • greater physical and mental coordination - without having to overthink it, 
  • reduced anxiety, 
  • extend your ability to steadily be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it! 
  • We recommend that you take make ROMBi a regular part of your day. Puzzles will become easier with practice and so will other tasks that you wish to accomplish. 
  • Take the Rombi 30 day challenge and try again.

Let us know how it goes!