Trends for education in 2022

Trends for education in 2022

A recent article from Forbes highlighted that the 2 biggest future trends in education are; rethinking what we teach and rethinking how we teach it.

Innovation in teaching and harnessing creativity is something that ROMBi founder, education specialist and psychoanalyst, Penny Georgiou is passionate about.

ROMBi comes out of research and discovery at the cutting edge of specialist education and product design as a teaching/learning aid.

What high quality learning looks like in the future

The Schools of the Future paper from the World Economic Forum outlined essential characteristics that will define high-quality learning in the future, including:

  • Global citizenship skills
  • Innovation and creativity skills
  • Technology skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Penny’s research has found that perceptual (spatial) organisation determines how the mind coordinates information draw from cognitive functions, memory, attention, organisation of ideas, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

The construction of ROMBi prioritises spatial awareness as a basic component of perception.

This is as vital for effective learning and problem solving as it is for physical dexterity.

Other educational products available prepare the way as toys but are not systematically designed for the retrospective remediation of acute perceptual distortions that ROMBi makes possible.

The repetition of the handling and the putting together of the patterns arranges the information from experience allowing increasingly clearer ideas on matters that may have felt overwhelming or confusing before. New viable pathways are then constructed.

ROMBi users tend to begin having effects quite quickly, for example, a clearer mind, a sense of focus, forgetting about overthinking and being able to just do what they need to do.

These new organisational foundations enable individual’s ideas and expectations to change in viable and creative ways. Without pressure or undue effort, development naturally tends to go further and faster with surprising effects. Enhancing capabilities with coherent perceptual foundations changes a learners expectation of future capabilities, including greater capacity to organisation themselves in relation to others, with greater flexibility, dexterity, improved communication valued qualities such as emotional intelligence, empathy, cooperation and social awareness become evident.

ROMBi, study and education

Learners, teachers and parents alike can all get involved with ROMBi to enhance capability for study and education. Cultivating and exploring our inner life allows us to access our innate intelligence that has significantly more resources for organising ideas in creative ways that value life, especially in education.

Penny explains on her Quora account that “Cultivating your capacity to focus on being in stillness can transform your inner landscape from which questions arise; from there any answers or actions you seek need not be forced as they flow out of from you in just the right moment.

There are simple starting points, such as meditating daily - defocussing from language-based thinking, eg focussing on your breath, Qigong practice, or Tai Chi.

Structured handplay is the quickest, simplest way to offer your mind tools for structure, clarity, organisation and focus necessary to experience a creative attitude towards any task.

See also the preparation for study page on the access 1st website .”

Implementing ROMBi in a classroom environment through the ROMBi Partnership Programme can cultivate and demonstrate a school’s commitment to pupils and in particular those with Special Educational Needs.

If you are a learner, teacher or parent wanting to find out more about ROMBi and how the puzzle can support education view our range view of products here!