The launch of the ROMBi Partnership Programme

ROMBi is delighted to launch the ROMBi Partner Programme, a research project that will see ROMBi, Education Specialist, Penny Georgiou and primary schools working collaboratively to support those pupils most in need.

ROMBi puzzle is a highly recommended, surprisingly versatile tool that is supporting people of all ages to access their fundamental abilities to focus and learn.

We’re working directly with SENcos to research the benefits that ROMBi can bring to primary school children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

How ROMBi was created:

ROMBi comes out of research and discovery at the cutting edge of specialist education and product design as a teaching/learning aid.

It is now exceeding all expectations and lending its potential to a wide range of users, including staff CPD, therapists, and rehabilitation.

How ROMBi works:

The construction of ROMBi prioritises spatial awareness as a basic component of perception.

This is as vital for effective learning and problem solving as it is for physical dexterity. Perceptual (spatial) organisation determines how the mind coordinates cognitive functions, memory, attention, organisation of ideas, fine motor skills (hand-eye operations) and gross motor skills (walking or playing ball).

Other products available for pupils prepare the way as toys but are not systematically designed for the retrospective remediation of acute perceptual distortions that ROMBi makes possible.

Benefits of ROMBi include:

  • User-friendly for teachers and pupils, as teaching aid increasing learner independence;
  • Capability enhancing, perceptual and motor integration begins from first use;
  • Assists development of core skills, literacy, dexterity, attention, organisation,
  • Supports users with diagnostic conditions including, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD, mental health, anxiety;

The ROMBi Partnership Programme:

A collection of primary schools, UK wide are participating in the programme; supporting research on the benefits of using the puzzle with pupils.

This is an exciting new collaboration that will be driven by an allocated ROMBi champion within each school. Spaces are limited and the programme will accept the first contacts to reach out.

Why take part in the programme?

As part of the programme schools will receive a FREE ROMBi worth £69.95. To enquire about taking part in the programme get in touch with Danielle today at