ROMBi is Supporting Mums this Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week

Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week is upon us again. The week-long campaign is dedicated to talking about mental illness while pregnant or after having a baby and signposting to appropriate support. This year’s theme is ‘Journeys to Recovery’.

Launched in 2014, the week is organised and led by MMHA member the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK.

Despite the recent easing of national lockdown restrictions, many pregnant women and new mums continue to face significant challenges.

There have also been additional challenges for parents with sick and or premature babies with regards to visitation restrictions.

Charity, Bliss is raising awareness of new research which shows the impact of these restrictions. Parents whose babies required neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic have told them how they have struggled to access mental health support and experienced isolation.

In a Bliss survey of more than 500 parents of neonatal babies born in the past 12 months, 92% of parents said they felt isolated and 69% said their mental health has become worse following their neonatal experience.

Another group of women that the awareness week supports is those individuals who have suffered a miscarriage. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage and during the pandemic with scans being attended by pregnant ladies alone, such news has been even harder to digest.

We are looking at some of the support organisations that are available for mums and families struggling with mental health:

Support for Mums and Families – Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Action on Postpartum Psychosis

Association for Post Natal Illness Helpline: 10am – 2pm – 0207 386 0868Email:

Best Beginnings: Free NHS-accredited Baby Buddy app offering evidence-based information and self-care tools to help parents during pregnancy and early stages of parenting.

Tommy’s: Tommy’s has a team of in-house midwives who offer free support and information for women and their families at any stage of pregnancy and after the birth.

How ROMBi can help

ROMBi has been working directly with schools and individuals to measure the impact that the puzzle can have on areas such as organisation, communication and stress levels.

The results have been extraordinary. One individual that ROMBi has helped is Wiltshire based mum, Danielle. Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby girl, in late 2019, shortly before the pandemic went into full swing.

The impact of the pandemic has meant a lack of socialisation for both her as a new mum and her daughter with other babies and toddlers.

Lockdowns and isolation have affected Danielle’s mental health and stress levels significantly. She reached out to ROMBi founder, Penny at the beginning of 2021 to get involved with ROMBi and look for solutions to improve her mental health.

Danielle commented: “Having become a mum for the first time just months before the pandemic hit and having suffered several miscarriages during the last year I have found that my self-esteem and mental health have suffered massively.

Using ROMBi has been life changing. With Penny’s guidance and daily use of the puzzle I have become more relaxed, more organised and activities have become more thought out, which has resulted in lower stress levels and an improved mood.

Completing the puzzle pulls me away from everyday stresses and worries including the challenges that come with being a new mum during a pandemic. I have found myself becoming better organised and less overwhelmed.

The puzzle has also massively improved my anxiety levels. I would absolutely recommend ROMBi to pregnant ladies, news mums and those who have suffered a misscarriage. The mental health benefits are incredible and the ability to see past the fog has led to improved confidence and self belief. I am starting to feel like myself again”

Get Your ROMBi

Are you a mum struggling with mental health issues? Check out ROMBi this Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week and get started on your journey!

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