ROMBi is supporting individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities!

Positive reinforcement can help ensure that individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities have the confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.

Educational Specialist and Psychoanalyst, Penny Georgiou, has spent over 20 years assisting people to clarify their ideas and understand how their minds work; facilitating for individuals to better organise their thoughts and manage their workloads has been an exciting and rewarding journey.

One such individual is Jessica, who has dyslexia. Jessica has known Penny since she was just 19 and starting her Undergraduate degree in Applied Bioscience and Zoology.

Through Access 1st Penny worked with Jessica, initially towards accessing DSA funding to support for her studies.

Jessica shared with us her passion for science and her long-time ambition of setting up her own business.

Earlier this year, Jessica contacted Penny after deciding that she wanted to find a new direction. It was at this point that Penny gave Jessica some practices that she could use to develop her dexterity, clarity and wellbeing, and they agreed to meet each week online. Penny encouraged Jessica to start using ROMBi and practice with the puzzle daily.

We caught up with Jessica last week to hear about her experience and how she is progressing:

“The ROMBi started to unravel everything and help me gather my ideas in a coherent way.

For me it was about remaining open minded and being willing to try something to help myself. ROMBi has removed the cloud of failure and has made me realise my potential. ROMBi has made me think of things differently. I now look for other avenues to complete tasks.

Repetition has been key, I have built it into my daily routine and complete one ROMBi puzzle every morning before I start my day.

It helps my mood, reading and my ability to organise my thoughts. I am now reading and researching constantly. My vocabulary is starting to increase too. I can complete full sentences and my spelling is much better.

I don’t fit into the mould in workplaces and I always felt like I had to dumb myself down. Being put in a box restricts my creativity. ROMBi has changed this for me. I have now decided to pursue my own route and would definitely recommend ROMBi.”

Jessica is currently persisting with the more complex patterns and has gone on to set up her own business; Envirofarm. Envirofarm specialises in growing plants for individuals and selling informative books, supporting Jessica’s aim of encouraging people to grow their own food.

She described how Envirofarm has always been a hobby of hers and how she started thinking about it as a business in 2018. ROMBi has given her the confidence and structure to pursue this ambition and has helped things to fall into place.

Well done Jessica, we look forward to seeing the updates in Envirofarm and watching the business grow.

To find out more about Envirofarm follow Jessica’s Instagram account @insta_envirofarm/ @insta_envirofarmstore

This is what Jessica has to say about her experience of working with ROMBi puzzles so far:

"I was introduced to Rombi by Penny as I contacted her in February because I wanted to work on myself and do some personal development. I have used different learning puzzles in the past but none of them have worked like Rombi.

The different patterns are able tap into the mind, unlocking your true capabilities and potential that may have been knocked by past negative events.

When I first started using Rombi it had its challenges in matching the right shapes to complete each puzzle. Once, I got the hang of Rombi, I was doing 1-2 puzzles a day. After a few weeks Rombi became my morning routine and I was enjoying it.

Week after week I saw many improvements. Behaviourally, they were:

Less frustration when I made a mistake.

Being kinder to myself and stopped being critical.

More relaxed, allowing things to full into place.

Started to think more positively about myself.

I also saw changes within my learning when it came to writing, reading, and spelling they were:

I was able to write more complete sentences instead of missing out 2-3 words out of complete a sentence.

My attention span became longer, my struggles lessened, my pronunciation and reading complex words became much easier.

My spelling also improved dramatically and continues to improve.

Rombi has also helped with:

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Not concerning myself with things that did not serve me a positive purpose.
  • Decipher the nonsense and deflect the negativity that sometimes occurs when being around individuals.
  • Widening your creativity by opening the mind to allow you to receive innovative ideas making you more creative in many ways.

Rombi is extraordinary and I recommend this product. I am still working through the puzzles each day and I am improving every day. I believe that repetition with Rombi puzzles will help you to navigate through anything in life."