Releasing Motivation for 2022 and learning through puzzle work

Releasing Motivation for 2022 and learning through puzzle work

At the end of 2021, we reflected on how we can address a lack of motivation through our ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lethargy’ article.

The article was born out of question put to ROMBi founder, Penny Georgiou via Quora; ‘What do you do when you don't want to do anything?’.

Penny explained that “we can read how we are feeling as an in-real-time-moment-to-moment - authentic tracker of how the thought (stream) we are in is upholding or condemning our desire. Our desire being our inner life in its motion towards awareness, realisation and outward expression, including our gesture to those we love. It is our condemnation that distorts this motion into the detriment that we call malice, not the accidents or exasperations of desire itself as its waves break on the shores of our awareness.

As a first step, you could ease up on reading it as something wrong, trust your process and see how life, in its infinite, unpredictable magnitude surprises you with something fresh to interest you fairly soon. It could be a little as a few minutes…until you are off on another trail…”

How to become motivated

For some a lack of motivation can result in procrastination. Procrastination is an effect of our not being ready, clear, inspired, and able to put our ideas/inspirations into practice.

For those struggling with procrastination Penny recommends less short-termist forcing and more of a steady investment in cultivating of inner life that can allow the many elements to begin falling into place.

Puzzles with structured handplay such as ROMBi and meditative practices begin bringing improvements, be it subtle or dramatic, on the same day and the more you sustain continuous practices from day to day, the better. The momentum of improvements builds, accomplishing more with less and less strain.

For others, past experiences prompt the belief that some activities are impossible. It sets up a great deal of conflict in one’s thought process which is draining in itself. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The good news is that based on how our minds and our experience of our reality seem to be correlated, creative self-fulfilling prophecies can be created and set-up through regular practice of structured handplay. We can set them in motion and test out this proposition. It is only the extent to which we hold an underlying attitude of expecting insurmountable obstacles that they prove themselves in our experience. And this subjective experience of what is happening is what is decisive for our quality of life.

Cultivating and exploring your inner life is the foundation for a life experience that you can begin to embrace and, thereby, learn with.

Discerning consistent directions

Exploring life experience with an open mind over time brings sensory and other experiential data that allows us to discern consistently creative directions. Life surprises us too, with creative happenings, and through these we begin to find our bearings and get a feel for where to seek for creative teaching and build on our piece-by-piece discoveries.

Some inspirations, experiments come from time to time, and intuitions and step by step, better ways through, discovering, understanding and ongoing learning.

Penny’s Quora account is filled with useful answers to a range of life’s questions and her bio includes a list of useful links. View Penny's Quora here!

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