The pandemic, home schooling and what you can do for anxiety

Research for the Observer by the Parent Ping survey app indicates that parents of primary school children are struggling with higher levels of stress and anxiety this lockdown.

The research findings are that parents feel that schools expect them to complete more work with their children than they did in the first lockdown; almost half say lessons have set times for learning specific subjects or participating in live classes.

Engaging and keeping young children interested in online learning and independent work at home requires several hours of teaching and supervision from parents, who may also be managing this alongside working from home.

Parent Ping’s responses suggest that:

  • 40% of parents of primary school pupils are feeling even more stressed about home schooling than they did during the first lockdown;
  • 3 out of 10 parents of primary school children say they are feeling more anxious;
  • 14% are crying more often;
  • 18% are having more sleepless nights;
  • 10% are arguing with their partner more;
  • A quarter are being less patient with their children.

What to do for anxiety?

With uncertainties around how long this may continue and what may happen next, this is a good time to explore some reliable solutions.

Have you been wondering how to reduce stress and anxiety for both yourself and your child?

Our research and experience in education, wellbeing, training and personal development have led us to identify and recommend accessible and reliable ways for reducing issues and bringing out the best in those we work with. We will be posting a separate article on this shortly.

Among our most effective and easy to use tools is ROMBi.

This innovative puzzle is becoming a big player in parents' and learners' quality of life, lowering stress & confusion, enhancing capabilities by improving perceptual organisation, which brings many beneficial effects, including

  • calming
  • improved problem solving;
  • greater clarity and speed of processing;
  • assisting memory,
  • longer attention span,
  • extending focussing abilities;
  • greater independence;
  • reducing procrastination;
  • after a puzzle, homework is easier;

The pandemic and children with SEN&D

The pandemic has brought additional challenges to families who have children with SEN&D.

A survey conducted by Special Needs Jungle of more than 1,000 parents brought to light that restoring special educational needs provision when children returned to school in September 2020 wasn’t automatic.

The government plans for summer assessments will be announced this week, with concerns that 300,000 SEN&D students may be adversely affected by the new arrangements.

Some parents have cited concerns that risk assessments may delay the process of allowing children back on site, and 8% of those who took part in the poll said that they don’t have a placement to send their child back to.

How ROMBi can help

ROMBi puzzle is highly recommended, versatile tool that is supporting people of all ages to access their fundamental abilities to focus and learn.

Feedback shows that regular ROMBi play is having positive effects on mental and physical conditions. Not only does focussing on the puzzle distract attention away from current stress points but also develops capabilities for responding stress-inducing situations.

ROMBi builds capability through structured handplay, coordinating the actions of mind and body. This gives your mind direct access to structural information, which it uses to organise its activities in the most effective way for what you want to do.

Recent research with Vanessa Duncan, Young Person’s Senior Worker for St Giles revealed that ongoing usage of ROMBi with her pupils had resulted in:

1. Greater focus, especially with day-to-day tasks

2. Decreased behavioural issues

3. Acceptance of praise (where previous praise had been disregarded or ignored)

A few minutes of ROMBi play sets up your day for doing what you want to do well and with ease.

Getting started with ROMBi

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